Mamba Micro EZ Adjust Release Loop Lock (camo)

Hunting Gifts for Mom

Every year, you might make the same mistake on Mother’s Day: you try to play things safe. You stick with candy, flowers, or jewelry, terrified that if you pick out the wrong present, the special mom in your life will feel unappreciated. These Mother’s Day hunting gifts break the mold of traditional presents, make the woman you love feel special, …

C-725 Hook 'n Go Release

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Release

The most accomplished bow hunters often say that choosing the best release is the key to success. The right type of bow release creates the potential for a perfect shot by decreasing bow release torque. It also maintains the string’s steady forward momentum toward the target during the release. Several types of mechanical bow releases are available that prevent roll-off …

Your Guide To Animal-Vehicle Collisions

The best hunting adventures lie off the beaten path, but an exciting excursion does not come without risks. One of the biggest risks during hunting season is animal-vehicle collisions. Anytime you enter rural areas or a wild habitat, you need to be aware of deer and other animals venturing into the roadway. Hitting these creatures can result in serious damage …

COBRA Venom G3 C-697P

Tips for Sighting In your Bow

Modern bow sights are much more accurate out of the box than those your parents used, but they still need to be adjusted to fit your bow and shooting style. If you take the time to sight your bow the right way, you’ll see tremendous improvements in your accuracy, and better results when you hunt.

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The Best Broadheads for Bow Hunting

Choosing the best broadheads for bow hunting might sound simple enough, but the process is actually more complex than you might think. There are a number of factors that go into broadhead design, but hunters want the same outcome from all of them: good field point accuracy with a quick, clean kill, that leaves a decent blood trail for tracking game. To …

How to Get Kids Started in Archery

The popularity of the Hunger Games movies made it easier than ever to get kids started in archery. Take advantage of their enthusiasm and introduce your children to bow hunting and archery from a very young age. Doing so now will allow them to develop a hobby that you’ll be able to share with them for a lifetime. To get …

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Celebrities Who Bow Hunt

If your idea of a challenge is a long bow hunt deep in the forest, you’re not alone. Dozens of America’s highest profile celebrities proudly take up their bows to hunt for game of all kinds. The next time you’re sitting in your blind waiting for a good shot, imagine if one of these celebrities who hunt were your hunting partner:

Tips for Quail Hunting

February is quail hunting season, so it’s time to grab your pup, pack your bow, and bag a table full of delicious birds for your family and friends. Using a bow for your quail hunting offers a unique challenge, but you can increase your success rate in no time with the help of some simple tips.