Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Cobra sights the industry’s finest? 

All Metal Construction. Plastic components lack the durability required by today’s hunter. We design our products to be used in rugged hunting conditions. For this reason, all of our sight bodies, windage slides, and extensions are made from aircraft grade aluminum extrusions, individually chines in our plant, and anodized for increased durability and a classic appearance.

Precision Machines Dovetails are machined to exacting tolerances in our manufacturing plant. Why is this feature important? Our dovetail joints allow the components to slide freely when sighting in your boy, then lock solidly into place when your adjustments are complete. All of our dovetails are machines to fit within .005″, making your setup and sighting in procedure quick and reliable.

The Tool-Less Knob allows you to quickly remove the sight body for storage and travel, and then re-attach the sight body to the extension without the use of any tools. This helps to insure your sight won’t get damaged during those long bumpy off road trips to your favorite hunting sport. Just make sure to mark or note the scale line on the windage slide to insure you attach the sight in same spot everytime.

Cobra’s® Fiber Optic Pins offer the most precise, durable aiming points in the industry with the brightest fiber. Our Pins have been one of the most widely duplicated products in archery in the past 20 years. Don’t be fooled by imitators or plastic wannabees. Cobra’s® Pins are built of all metal construction, with a precision machined aiming point. Cobra’s scintillating fibers are made from a single clad polystyrene core containing fluorescent dopants. What does this mean to you? Cobra fibers gather the most available light in low light hunting conditions. The patented method that we use for bending our fiber sets us apart from the competition, enhancing our pins ability to collect and illuminate the available light.

Dual Pin Tracks vs Single Pin Tracks allow you to get zero pin gap spacing, a necessity when shooting today’s ultra fast bows. Our top of the line sights feature Dual Angles Tracks, which allow you zero pin gap spacing and aligns all pins on the same vertical plane, eliminating depth perceptions issues caused by having pins in separate straight tracks.

Q: Why Choose Cobra® accessories?  

For over 40 years Cobra® has been a leader in bow hunting accessories. Superior quality products produced in the US at affordable prices backed by our lifetime warranty. Cobra® is committed to providing its customers with products and personal service you expect from a leader.

Q:  Right Cobra® sight? 

Cobra® sights have a lifetime warranty so durability and quality are placed at a premium. The right cobra sight is personalized by what features a discerning bowhunter needs before heading to the range or woods to bag the next boomer (Boone @ Crocket). Team Cobra® is your preferred choice.

Q: Right Cobra® Release?  

Cobra® releases are smooth, quick and lethal and backed by the best warranty in the business. Guaranteed!!!  Superior craftsmanship and tighter tolerances make Cobra®  releases perform as promised.

Personalize your release strap for comfort and style . Proper finger to trigger placement is key to accurate shooting. Cobra’s® micro adjustment offers infinite length adjustment and swivel connector to ensure torque free performance. Secondly Cobra’s® weight balanced triggers for better control and feel shot after shot. Cobra’s® forward mounted triggers are fully adjustable to increase draw length and speed.

Q: Why choose a Cobra® Stabilzer? 

Whisper stabilizers with AVR technology are fully adjustable and can be tuned based on the frequency of your bow.