Thin, dual caliper jaws for easy, fast loading on a D-loop. Release set screw to adjust trigger sensitivity. Forward mounted trigger is designed to maximize draw length and arrow speed. All release head modules rotate 360 degrees to eliminate bow string torque . EZ Adjust and Double-Buckle models provide custom length adjustment.

All Cobra releases come with a lifetime warranty on all machined parts.

Let your prey feel the lethal strike from your Mamba

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Cobra’s Mamba release is a compact, user friendly dual caliper release. The wrist strap, caliper style release is the most popular design for hunting and the Mamba Release Series is second to none.

All Cobra releases feature jaws that move simultaneously to minimize string interference and increase accuracy. All components of the Mamba series are machined to extremely high tolerances to ensure quality and trouble free performance.

The ergonomically shaped trigger is fully adjustable. Start with the trigger’s tension set on the upper end and slowly adjust it until you get a crisp, comfortable release. The forward trigger design also helps to reclaim some of the draw length lost to the string loop. The distance from the trigger to jaw of the Mamba increases power stroke.
Releases are available in either loop lock or deluxe buckle strap. The Mambas have adjustable padded wrist straps designed for comfort and to evenly distribute the stress involved when drawing the heavier bow weights.

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Style Mamba Buckle, Mamba Buckle – Leather Loop / Lock Strap, Mamba E-Z Adjust, Mamba Double Buckle, Mamba Lady Release