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With 25% less felt draw weight this is a great choice for anyone looking to draw with ease and develop a solid, consistent anchor point.  Designed and constructed to be strong and light-weight.  It has an adjustable thumb post position for smaller hands and fits a youth, archer fantastic.  Fully ambidextrous and comes with a totally adjustable wrist lanyard for custom length adjustments.  The head is a shorter version of the exact same rugged and reliable release archers have depended on for years.

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New for 2018 this release was designed to bring the best of both shooting styles together as one release.  It’s a crossbreed that simplifies the shooting sequence by lowering the less felt draw weight by 25% and simultaneously creating a solid anchor point.  Consistent form is the wonderful byproduct of this great release!  From the beginner to the season pro, from youth to senior this release will help you become a better archer.  The Accomplice comes in Black or Rose Gold.  Cobra Archery wants to be your “Accomplice”.


“How to Shoot It”

Simply grip the handle with you pinky, ring and middle finger across the sloped handle and grip the post with your thumb.  Allow your index finger to function as it normally would when shooting an index style release.  That’s It!!  It’s that simple!  And Man does it SHOOT!!

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