New for 2018 is the Moment. This is Cobra Archery’s first ever hook style release. Designed to be very strong and extremely accurate with its’ self-centering alignment qualities. The very crisp releasing trigger creates an accurate shot consistently. This release has an independently adjustable trigger weight and sensitivity. Each model comes standard with the NEW 2018 larger strap with a buckle Catch. Solid, accurate and made with minimal parts guarantees a lifetime of reliability. The Moment fits either hand and has a 360 degree rotating head. The Hex Adjust allows for proper fit and comes with the new larger strap in black or brown. The Moment is built like a tank and shoots like a beast! Everything depends on one “Moment”.

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High grade machined aluminum and steel for perfect function. Designed with a fully rotating head. Solid strong no-slip hook . Independently adjustable trigger sensitivity and weight. Rugged and compact to handle the worst conditions year after year. It’s ambidextrous and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to shoot and versatile to wear. Comes standard with the Hex adjust for proper fit and new larger strap with buckle catch.

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