Pro Caliper®

“Thin Tip” calipers are perfect for loop shooters. Streamlined release head with smaller diameter E-Z Adjust module. E-Z Adjust module requires no tools. Available in a loop lock strap or a buckle strap. The Pro Caliper® is available in Leather, and Realtree® Camo.

All Cobra releases come with a lifetime warranty on all machined parts and are proudly made in the USA.

cobra archery leather
Realtree Xtra
black swatch
cobra hose adjust
cobra archery ex-adjust
Pro Caliper® Release Target- Light Green Calipers
cobra loop strap
cobra buckle strap
Pro Caliper® Release Target- Light Green Calipers


Fully Adjustable Trigger! “Thin-TipLight Green Calipers!

Custom Fit. Custom Comfort. Our engineers met the difficult challenge of improving upon one of our most popular releases in the industry. The E-Z Adjust Pro Caliper® incorporates a two piece threaded extension module that allows the archer to adjust the release to the precise length required to fit his hand, regardless of the shooters size. Assembled with a rugged coil spring, machined aluminum jaws that rotate 360 degrees, and a new forward mounted trigger, the E-Z Adjust Pro Caliper® is the ultimate choice when choosing a release. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Hose assembly Pro Caliper® releases include models C-227G and C-241G. Available in a premium leather buckle strap with exclusive “stay buckled” tongue for easy on and off. Also, comes in a padded leather loop lock strap.

EZ-Adjust Pro Caliper® releases include models C-437G and C-437GBUCKLE. The EZ-Adjust strap allows for a more customized length adjustment, providing the perfect fit for finger to trigger placement which is critical to be a consistent and accurate archer.