A Guide to Archery Release Aids

Sarengeti Single Sear Stainless Leather BuckleIt cannot be stressed enough: the perfect shot is a direct result of the perfect release. Sometimes it just happens, and hunters and just get lucky. But accidental luck, mysterious as it may seem, is still the outcome of certain factors being lined up just right. Whether he was aware of it or not, the hunter executed a perfect release because he was doing everything correctly.

Over the centuries, archers have developed techniques and tools in the search of perfecting consistent releases. These release aids have practically become a necessity with the advent of the compound bow. The compound bow is all about power; the energy created when the string is released is incredible, and can become chaotic, causing the arrow to flex and shift when shooting without an aid. This is because the natural movement of your hand has a tendency to “push” the string to the side as it clears your fingertips. Mechanical release aids help eliminate this problem as the arrow is released the same way every shot.

How It Works

Basically, a typical release aid you would use with a compound bow consists of  a pair of jaws that hold the string, and a trigger that opens the jaws when depressed. The action is created in one of two ways: 1) the trigger pulls a wire or a “peg,” or 2) a cocking bar and sear mechanism that acts like a trigger is manipulated to activate the jaws. Both systems work in the same fashion but are controlled differently. The first type is attached to a wrist strap, while the second is shaped like a “T” and is more or less a handle. The wrist strap is preferable for hunting.

Cobra Release Aids

  • MambaEasily recognized by its red jaws, this is possibly one of the most popular mechanical release aids produced by Cobra of the caliper type – the first kind described above. It is user friendly, and both the wrist strap and the trigger are adjustable. The release head module–or the jaw–rotates 360 degrees, eliminating bow string torque, making for smoother shooting.
  • Honey BadgerBuilt tough like a badger, this release aid is machining at its finest; all the internal components are made of the highest grade steel. Trigger tension is adjustable via a set screw. This release features a custom adjustable buckle strap and 360 degree rotating release head.
  • Serpent. Specifically designed for string loops, the Serpent features a streamlined release head, a weight balanced peg trigger, and contoured jaws with an increased radius to accommodate the string angles of short axle to axle bows. Forward trigger design is fully adjustable. All strap options are adjustable.

If you’re a bow hunter stalking consistency in accuracy, then you know you are truly searching for the perfect release. Cobra manufactures some of the finest release aids. The archer’s quest for the perfect shot can be found in the perfect release.

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