About Cobra® Archery

From the beginning, Cobra® distinguished itself from the rest of the pack. Over the years, we have established a reputation for excellence among both foreign and domestic manufactured. Today, the name Cobra® carries with it an assurance of the highest quality bow hunting accessories available worldwide.

Cobra Archery has begun a new era of dedication & innovation. The recently purchased industry icon now finds its new home in the rural mountains of Pennsylvania. We are the new owners of Cobra Archery, Jake & Melissa Major and Tonya Magaro. Being a family owned business will ensure attention to detail, quality and great customer service.

Growing up on a farm in central PA has developed life style aspects that continue on today. Hard work, dedication and stretching the limits of ingenuity will drive Cobra Archery back to greatness.

Being bowhunters ourselves we understand what is needed in the field. When seconds count, you need a reliable tool to make you accurate and deadly. That is why our designs are centered around the bowhunter. We are concentrated on producing rugged, reliable products that are unfailing in the worst
conditions. We only use the best materials and advanced machinery to produce a product that is second to none. At Cobra Archery we are exploring all avenues of innovation to develop products to make you a better archer.

We have dedicated ourselves to being an industry leader in producing innovative and rugged products. To prove Cobra Archery products are dependable they all come with a lifetime warranty. This will ensure to you, our customer, we’re serious about quality and reliability.

We thank you for being part of this wonderful sport of Archery and look forward to the coming years as we grow a good reputation into greatness.

Thanks for your Support,

Jake   Melissa   Tonya