michele leqve bear 2005

Fan Mail Monday Flashback

Today is Fan Mail Monday! We’ve dug into our archives of fan letters and photos for a little flashback fun. Are you one of our fans of the day?

Bradley Jones IBO Worlds 2003Here’s a picture of Bradley Jones with his 1st place trophy from the IBO Worlds in August of 2003 while using a Cobra Easy Slide Sight. Besides competing at IBO contests and with his home club, Bradley was also a member of the High Country Advisory Staff for 2003, and participated in the archery program at his local pro shop in Ohio.



Jim Leqve Bear 2005 michele leqve bear 2005Jim and Michele Leqve shot these bears in Saskatchewan, Canada in May of 2005. Michele’s bear was shot at 15 yards and weighed in at 450 lbs. with a 20″ P&Y skull. Jim’s bear was shot at 8 yards and had a 20 and 2/16′ P&Y skull. The Leqves travel all over the world pursuing animals they love to hunt. These days you can find Michele as part of the team over at Women Hunters. Head over to womenhunters.com to read even more about Michele and Jim’s hunting adventures.


Ray Howell musk ox 2000One of the more unique fan photos we received was from Ray Howell. Ray sent us this photo in 2000 of a musk ox he shot on the Arctic Coast, where the temperature averaged 30-40 degrees below zero without the wind chill! When people asked Ray why he used Cobra products, he would tell them “Whether I’m hunting in the scorching heat of Africa or in the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic my equipment performs exactly the same without having to make any changes.” We’re happy that no matter where you go, the quality of our products will be the same everywhere!

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