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Bow Hunting Stocking Stuffers for Under $50

This holiday season, equip your favorite bow hunter with all of the perfect products without breaking the bank. Whether you’re shopping for a novice or experienced hunter, you’re sure to find an item on our bow hunting gift list. Take a look!

Dead Down Wind Scent Elimination Kit

One of the most important aspects of successful bow hunting is hiding your scent from the animals. With an increasing number of scent control bow hunting products on the market, there are a wide range of affordable options available. The Grand Slam Kit contains laundry detergent, field spray and a field spray refill, bar soap, hand sanitizer, wind checker, and a fleece skull cap all for under $30.

Rheostat light C-615Cobra Archery Rheostat Sight Light

sight light will give your hunter the visibility they need in low light settings so they can hit their targets without any trouble. The light is easy to install, and offers an ultra bright light source. These lights are made to fit with all your favorite Cobra sights. Click here for product details.

HME Ground Blind Bow Holder

Bow hunters who hunt from ground blinds don’t often shell out money for a bow holder. But for a few extra dollars, you’ll be able to cut down on their fatigue significantly, allowing them to maintain concentration and get a great shot. There are a wide selection of bow holders available, from basic screw-in hooks to adjustable multiple arms systems. This HME model offers a nice middle ground. It can be mounted in seconds without any tools, and the fork rotates 360 degrees to securely lock into position. It also features three large accessory hooks to hold other hunting gear.

Dead Down Wind CheckMate Wind Checker

“Playing the wind” is a key factor for determining success as a hunter. Staying invisible allows hunters to sneak up on their prey and make a clean shot. A product like Dead Down Wind’s CheckMate Wind Checker allows hunters to ensure the wind is working for them, not against them. The Nanozyme technology combats and wipes out a wide range of odors at the molecular level, including human scents, smoke, gas, and other potential contaminants. It eliminates odors before they can ever attach to clothing or skin and disguises them fully, even in the most minimal breezes. Its compact design also allows it to be stored easily in a pocket and pulled out as needed.

Outdoor Edge Wild-Pair Fixed-Blade Knife Combo

After a hunter has spent all day waiting for and bagging their big catch, they need to be prepared to field dress the animal. Many hunters get so caught up in the hunt that they don’t have the tools necessary for the job. This Outdoor Edge knife combo is the perfect tool for dressing your kill as efficiently as possible. With short blades, you minimize the risk of cutting your fingers in the process.

Bravo Release Jr. Loop Lock-OCCobra Bravo Junior Release

Are you shopping for a young bow hunter or a female hunter with small hands? Cobra’s Bravo Jr. Release features a smaller custom-length padded strap for shorter wrist and finger length, and a shorter adjustment module that’s perfect for smaller hands. This release has stainless steel pins, center-release caliper jaws, a premium coil spring, and a chrome-moly pivot bearing for constant smooth releases.

If you’re still in doubt about which bow hunting stocking stuffers to pick up for your loved ones, drop some hints as the holiday approaches or talk to the staff at the local sporting good store. Most sporting goods store employees are knowledgeable and happy to provide personal recommendations for their customers.

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