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Celebrities Who Bow Hunt

If your idea of a challenge is a long bow hunt deep in the forest, you’re not alone. Dozens of America’s highest profile celebrities proudly take up their bows to hunt for game of all kinds. The next time you’re sitting in your blind waiting for a good shot, imagine if one of these celebrities who hunt were your hunting partner:

Chris Pratt

This rising Hollywood A-lister is no stranger to the hunt. He admits that his time in the woods is a chance to recharge mentally and physically, and he enjoys the thrill of stalking his prey. Equally skilled with both a bow and a rifle, Pratt is an excellent shot who keeps trophies of his most memorable kills.

Why he’d be a good partner: His jokes and stories are sure to pass the time quickly while you wait for your prey.

Avril Lavigne

Made famous for her gritty punk rock music and unique style, Avril Lavigne has never been a traditional “girly girl.” She learned the basics of the bow hunt with her father and her brother, and continues to seek refuge in the woods to this day as a way to bond with her family.

Why she’d be a good partner: What’s not to love about an impromptu concert on your way to your hunting spot?

Jennifer Lawrence

She’s most famous for her role as the deadly archer and revolutionary Katniss Everdeen, but Jennifer Lawrence actually learned to bow hunt years earlier in preparation for her role in Winter’s Bone. Since then she’s become an accomplished archer who can kill and clean her own game.

Why she’d be a good partner: Quick wit, engaging personality, and an accurate shot. What else could you ask for in a hunting partner?

Blake Shelton

He’s become a national celebrity through his music and his time as a coach on The Voice, but Blake Shelton would much rather be in the woods hunting deer.

Why he’d be a good partner: Shelton’s wild stories and unbridled optimism would make even the most disappointing hunt one to remember.

Rose Huntington-Whitely

One glance at her supermodel good looks and it’s tempting to think of Rose Huntington-Whitely as the type of girl who’d never get her hands dirty. That couldn’t be further from the truth! On her family’s farm she not only learned how to bow hunt, but how to be respectful of the animals that she kills.

Why she’d be a good partner: The downtime in your blind might just be the best time to seek a little fashion advice.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan burst onto the national stage in 2012 as Mitt Romney’s running mate, growing in popularity within the Republican Party and becoming the Speaker of the House in 2015. Though his role in D.C. keeps him busy, Ryan makes time to return to his Wisconsin home for a bow hunt with his family.

Why he’d be a good partner: If you’ve ever wanted a chance to get an inside look at Washington politics, this would be the perfect opportunity.

Celebrities all over the country are picking up their bows and heading to the woods to hunt their favorite game, so don’t be too shocked if you run into a movie star, a pop sensation, pro athlete or politician at your local sporting goods store.

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