andrew buck 1997

Fan Mail Monday: Andrew’s Buck

Enclosed is a photo of a nice Ohio 8 pt. buck taken by me on a deer hunting trip Oct. 27, 1997.

It was a cold, windy evening on a stand in a Sweetgum tree overlooking a cut cornfield. It was pretty chilly and I was about ready to give up a little early after not seeing any deer. Before starting down the tree I always like to shoot a couple blunt practice arrows out of the tree. After shooting my tow practice arrows I prepared to get down and just then I noticed a nice buck cutting through the hedgerow to my left about 125 yards away. He was on the move and it didn’t take long for him to get right out in front of me in the cut corn. He began to sniff one of my practice arrows when I took him with a twelve yard shot.

Here’s the equipment I was using:

  • Mountaineer 3D @ 73 pounds
  • Easton 2216 arrows
  • Wasp broadheads
  • Cobra Centurion 2 Single Bar Sight

I like Cobra designs because they are reliable, they look good, and they function well in the field and on the target course. The price of Cobra products is also a great factor – good quality for minimal price!

Thanks for a great product!


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