What Defines a Hunting Trophy?

moose_Nick_Pindar_004_MediumBow hunting was once a way of survival for man. In order to have food, to make tools, and to create shelter, they would rely on animals in the wild that they could hunt. Today, bow hunting is done largely for sport and less out of necessity. It can be a thrilling adventure to locate and successfully kill a particular animal, and a hunting trophy is often a great way to commemorate your trip.

What Are You Hunting For?

It is important to understand that the definition of a hunting trophy can be different for each individual. For example, one person may be trying to get an 8 point buck and be very proud of it. However, another individual may be on a safari to kill a lion or a rhino. Those exotic animals are very limited in terms of hunting so it can become a very prestigious and treasured trophy.

For many hunters, there is nothing that compares to the pride they feel with that first successful hunt. The size of the animal may not be large, but it is the thrill of it and the success of it that they are focused on. For others, they only want to hunt the largest and the most dangerous animals.

There are those that seek adventure by hunting fierce animals such as bears. Not everyone would be willing to go out into the wild and do so. Yet for others that enjoy the sport of hunting, they aren’t going to be satisfied with hunting for rabbits or a buck. They want something more enthralling. When they get it, you can bet that their hunting trophy is going to be a source of pride and something they treasure.

Method of Hunting

Sometimes, a hunting trophy is simply the result of a successful hunt. For example, someone may spend days tracking the animal in the wilderness. When using the method of bow hunting, it can be rather difficult to be successful if you do not have the right combination of proper equipment, focus, and skill. They are very proud of this accomplishment due to the time, effort, and skill involved in it.

Record Books

In today’s society, record books are often used to determine what a hunting trophy is. There are plenty of photos and descriptions of amazing kills. Being able to take down an animal that is rare, that weights more than the norm, or any other distinguishing factor can make the hunt results something that others are very impressed by.

Bragging Rights

Bragging rights are common among any type of enthusiasts, and hunters are no exception. Being able to show that hunting trophy that is on display while telling the amazing story of how it unfolded strokes the ego. Many hunters love to be able to offer this part of the outcome because they have proof that they completed such a hunt. There is no denying what they are saying when others see that trophy on display!

Types of Trophies

There are several types of hunting trophy options to consider too. If the animal killed is a deer, moose, or something similar, the entire head may be mounted. For other animals such as a wild cat, the entire body may be preserved by a taxidermist for display. Others would like only the antlers or other parts of the body to be displayed. It all comes down to the type of animal and the preferences of the hunter.

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