black bear 2001

Fan Mail Monday: Black Bear Beauties

For this month’s Fan Mail Monday, we’re taking a look at some great black bear trophies. Enjoy!

black bear 2006Your Cobra Sidewinder Radiant Sight worked excellent for me. I never needed to turn on the light. I harvested this bear at 9:40 pm in low light conditions. This sight was great. I had no problem finding my mark on this trophy black bear. It weighed 324 lbs., was 68″ nose to tail, and had a 19 1/8″ skull.

My son and wife also have this sight. Both are very pleased with the results.

Thanks for the great product!



black bear 2001I have always used Cobra Products as long as I can remember. I used my Cobra Pro Caliper Release so long now, I’m on my third strap. But the release part has never failed, eve in the bitter cold. When I purchased my new Parker bow this year I had to have new sights. So Since Cobra has been a hunting partner for years, I naturally looked at the new Electra-Slide for my new bow and again was totally satisfied. I’m a bow hunting junkie and when I buy, I buy in my opinion, what is best. For my money, Cobra is the best.

Thank you,



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