Fan Mail Monday: David’s Prize Javelina

Bordered by three sides of the Big Bend National Forest, my hunting trip took place on the Pitcock Rosillos Mountain Ranch deep inside South Texas. Just after dusk on the night of October 6th, 1999, I’d all but given up on a trophy Mule deer. Having already missed one deer and having been detected by another, my frustration level was bursting at the seams.

Suddenly from behind me up on the ridge, I heard what can only be described as a runaway freight train: thirteen or so Javelina barreling down the mountain face. My excitement grew when I saw the big bruiser. He stuck out like a sore thumb. With daylight waning fast, I lost sight of him among the pack at the water hole. For whatever reason he wheeled around outside the pack and stood broadside to me at 27 yards.

I quickly placed the illuminated Cobra fluorescent pin on the animal and shot. Imagine my dismay when I saw half a dozen sparks skip off the ground and the pig bolt. I lunged to my feet to head up the draw in hopes of intercepting him on a diagonal run. When I got to where he had been standing, I squinted to look for movement up the slope.

That’s when I saw him. The arrow had done the job with a complete pass through. I’m convinced if it were not for the Cobra micro-adjustable fluorescent pins and not having to worry about finding the sweet spot, I would have blown my chanced at this once-in-a-lifetime trophy.

Thanks Cobra for helping me bring down the 59 pound bruiser and earn my place in the Texas Bow Hunting and Bow Fishing Record Book. I can’t wait until my next hunt!

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