Father’s Day Gift Ideas

bow hunter aimFather’s Day is coming up fast! You may already be planning a father’s day lunch, but are on the look out for those perfect gift ideas. They say every man needs a hobby. If the father in your life loves to bow hunt, we have done all the work for you! Take a look at our Father’s Day gift ideas for the bow hunter in your life. 


There are two main types of bows used for bow hunting: the compound bow and the traditional style recurve bow. If your father is just starting out and needs to pick out a bow, a gift card for your local sporting goods store could be the perfect gift. This will allow them to pick out the type of bow and size best suited to them.

A few recommended bows for a beginner include:

  • Bear Archery Cruzer RTH (Ready To Hunt) Compound Bow
  • Vista Sage 62” Take-Down Recurve Bow

If you’re looking for bows for the advanced archer, consider these:

  • Martin Archery Lithium Compound Bow
  • Bear Archery Super Grizzly Recurve Bow


Maybe your father is already deep into bow hunting as a hobby. If this is the case, consider replenishing targets for target practice. Generally, there are two different types of targets.

The first is for target practice. Usually these targets are made in a block shape and are portable, like the Rinehart 18-1 Target. The second type of target is made to resemble life-sized animals, and is used for hunting practice. These targets range in size from bear and deer, to smaller animals such as bobcats and turkeys.


Cases for bows make for great gift ideas when dealing with this hobby. Every archer wants to keep their bow safe when not in use, and in perfect condition. A case will make storing their bow safe and easy. Likewise, there are also arrow cases will keep all of your arrows together and in good condition.

Cases will vary greatly depending on the type of bow, however you will usually choose between a hard or soft case.


If the dad in your life already has the bow he wants, some upgraded accessories may make the best gift. Bow sights are a device that are made up of a frame with a set of pins that help you zero in on your target. They are especially useful when shooting from a distance or in low light.

Here are some of our favorite sights:

  • Buckhead Double Tine
  • The Smoke
  • The Stealth
  • Venom G2
  • Marksman G2

Click here to see all of our available sights and product information.


Using a bow release improves shooting. It aids in decreasing the torque in the string, it makes for stable arrow flight, and helps with consistency. There are many different styles of bow releases. including the wrist strap and the hand-held release. Some great picks include:

  • The Bravo
  • Honey Badger
  • The Serpent
  • The Mamba
  • The Safari

View these releases and more on our release product page.

Other Accessories

Maybe your father needs some accessory upgrades. Rheostat bow sight lights help in low-light conditions. You might also consider cable savers, joints, and extra pins for bow sights. Visit our accessories page to see more.

Once you’re ready to purchase, find a Cobra dealer near you with our dealer locator. Happy shopping!