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Four ways to get ready for bow season

When you’re waiting for bow hunting season to start, you might feel like a little kid counting down the days until Christmas. But there’s no need to spend the time twiddling your thumbs. With the new season just around the corner, now is the time to get ready for bow season so you are completely prepared for opening day. These tips will help you get ready for bow season and make sure you’re in top bow hunting form for the year.

1. Find Your Equipment

When you haven’t used something in a while, it’s easy for the pieces to get disorganized or scattered. Maybe you moved your equipment while working on another project. Or maybe you needed to use something from your kit and forgot to put it back when you were done. Start by gathering all of your bow hunting equipment in a common location. One great way to get ready for bow season and round up any missing pieces is a trial run. Act as though you are going hunting, following your routine step-by-step. You’ll quickly realize what’s missing from your kit when you reach for it and it isn’t there.

2. Assess Damaged Equipment

While you are gathering your equipment, be sure to look it over for signs of damage. After a busy hunting season, things tend to break or wear down. Make a list of any damaged equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced. Many hunters like to replace certain items every year, such as arrows, broadheads, field tips, and cover scents, so they can begin the new season with a fresh start and pristine equipment.

3. Scout Out Hunting Locations

Even though the season hasn’t begun yet, you can already start finding the perfect hunting locations. If you intend to hunt on private land, make contact with the owners so you can make arrangements. If you plan to hunt on public land, take a trip out there to study the terrain and scout out the best set up locations ahead of time.

4. Practice Shooting

Bow hunting is an art that relies heavily on skill. An experienced bow hunter can do amazing things with high-quality equipment. But even the best equipment in the world doesn’t mean much if your aim is lousy. After a few months away from the sport, it is normal to need some time to get back into the swing of things. Spend time practicing shooting in your backyard or a practice field so you’re warmed up and ready to go once the season begins.

The key to making the most of your practice sessions is identifying what areas are most challenging for you, so you can focus on those skills and perfect them. Here are three practice exercises to help you get ready for bow season. Each of these exercises targets a different skill.

  • 3 at 30 – Positioned 30 yards away from your target, use broadheads to shoot 3 consecutive shots at the bull’s eye in a 4-inch group. This exercise is a great way to warm up.
  • Long Holds – Standing 30 to 40 yards from your target, pull the string and hold for 2 minutes. Then take at least 15 seconds to aim and release when you’re ready.
  • Quick Draws – Standing 20 yards from your target, quickly draw, aim, and shoot – all within 5 seconds.

By getting ready during these final weeks of the off-season, you are setting yourself up for a fulfilling and successful bow hunting season. Happy hunting!

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