How To Choose the Right Bow Release for You

Safari All Adjust Release Leather Buckle-Silver CalipersEveryone has different tastes and tolerances when it comes to shooting a bow and arrow. Because of this, bow releases are not a one-size-fits-all item. You should choose a bow release that gives you shooting consistency and the most confidence possible. Bow releases greatly affect your shooting accuracy because they influence your grip on the bow. If you have a poor grip, you will not be as accurate. Besides your grip, the release hand will often determine the initial flight path of your arrow. If you release the arrow incorrectly, you are sure to miss your target. To have the most consistency on your next hunting trip, consider these factors to help you choose the right bow release. 

1. Level of Comfort

The wrist strap is the most commonly used release aid, especially because it makes drawing heavier poundage more manageable. It has an index-finger trigger to make the release of the bow string effortless. It is important that you select a release that fits correctly since the wrist-strap will essentially be connected to you all the time.

You will find that different companies use slightly different straps and materials. These materials include, leather, nylon, and neoprene, which will determine the cost. As with any other product, better quality materials have added comfort. Regardless of price, however, it’s good to actually draw your bow with the release to determine if the comfort level is right for you.

2. Adjustability and Convenience

Most wrist straps are locked into place using either a buckle or a Velcro; velcro is notably more adjustable than a buckle. However, most hunters prefer buckles because they can provide you with a consistent fit, similar to a belt. Besides, buckles are a lot quieter in the field, making them a whole lot more convenient.

3. Adjustment Options

It is also critical that you find a release that is easily adjustable between the trigger and your wrist. This will help you in maintaining an appropriate shooting form, which includes proper posture, consistent anchor point, and a relaxed bow. An improperly adjusted release aid will potentially throw your shooting form off course. If you are using a wrist strap release, it is vital that you be able to place the knuckle of your index finger directly at the base of the earlobe.

The ideal bow release will allow the bow’s string to float from your hand, without requiring an awkward hand position or otherwise creating string torque. You should note, however, that the physical and mental mechanics of drawing a bow will often differ from person to person, so the kind of release the works for your hunting buddy may not necessarily feel right to you. The only way you can guarantee that you have the right release is finding an archery shop with a shooting range and asking to shoot with a variety of bow releases.

You will want to get a release that is smooth, one that doesn’t change in tension when letting go of the bowstring.  You do not want to have to anticipate the actual release of the string; it is ideal for the release to go off as a surprise. This is because anticipating a release may cause your body to flinch or move, which may cause your sight and bow to stray from the target. Flinching may also lead to letting down of the draw length, impacting on the accuracy.

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