Mamba Micro EZ Adjust Release Loop Lock (camo)

Hunting Gifts for Mom

Every year, you might make the same mistake on Mother’s Day: you try to play things safe. You stick with candy, flowers, or jewelry, terrified that if you pick out the wrong present, the special mom in your life will feel unappreciated. These Mother’s Day hunting gifts break the mold of traditional presents, make the woman you love feel special, and show that you care about and encourage her to pursue activities she enjoys.

Easton Delux RealTree Camo Case

A high-quality case tops most lists of Mother’s Day hunting gifts. This case is designed with bow protection in mind, so her valuable equipment stays protected while in storage or transit. The lightweight case doesn’t add a lot of weight to the bow, allowing her to carry her case easily. Your special lady won’t have to lug around several bags or cases when she wants to go hunting, because all of her necessary equipment will fit into this single bag.

Scent-Safe Bag

No matter what you do, hunting clothing and accessories stink after you come back from a hunting trip. A quick run through the washing machine can take care of some of the odors, but you have to be careful not to add scents from the detergent or around the house that might scare off prey in the field. A Scent-Safe bag is the optimal solution as one of your Mother’s Day Hunting Gifts. The bags are large enough to hold almost all of her hunting clothing, from carbon undergarments to bulky outerwear. Clothing in the bag won’t absorb any scents from inside her home or storage area, and any residual smell from the clothing doesn’t leak out of the bag.

Smoke Sight

The thrill of the hunt is in a successful kill, and the proper equipment makes all of the difference. The Smoke Sight from Cobra is a cutting-edge bow sight that increases accuracy, and extends effective range. The sight is made to be adjustable, which allows her to add more pins when she wants to tackle long-range hunts. Sensitive and accurate adjustment mechanisms ease the process of sighting in the bow, while the ultra-bright fiber optics will enable her to see the sight in low light situations.

Mamba Micro

Women with small hands often struggle finding releases that fit them well. Too many small releases are designed for young children and don’t stand up to the rigors of hunting, but the Mamba Micro bucks that trend. This release has a smaller strap than usual, and it was created with female hunters in mind. Adjustable trigger sensitivity compensates for her shooting preference, and the strengthened calipers increase draw length and overall speed and effectiveness of her arrows.

New Gray’s Wild Game Cookbook

Shooting the game is only one part of the hunting process; using the animal afterwards completes the circle. Wild game can be hard to cook, so one of the most popular Mother’s Day hunting gifts on our list this year is a wild game cookbook. Rebecca Gray’s book has more than 180 different recipes meant for both casual dining and gourmet experiences. Your special woman will want to explore the wide range of dishes in this book. Spotting a tantalizing recipe might be just the push she needs to grab her bow for one more hunt this season.

Mother’s Day hunting gifts not only show the special woman in your life how much you love them, but demonstrate that you have an interest in their hobbies. You’re sure to have a memorable Mother’s Day this year with any of these gifts.

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