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Great Ways to Keep Busy in the Off Season

When hunting season is over you may want to put away your gear, kick up your feet, and relax. And you should do that– after all, you have earned it. Just don’t get too comfortable. Much like kids on summer vacation, if you play around for too long, you can get out of condition quickly. A better idea is to relax for a day or two and then get back out there. You know you are just itching to get outdoors anyway. Here are some things you can do during the off season to stay conditioned, and maybe pick up some new skills as well.


Bowfishing is an especially good sport for people who enjoy bowhunting. It will help you stay on your game and even develop new skills. Bowfishing will help you to work on accuracy and become more in tune with your bow. It’s a great way to hone your skills and develop new ones during the off season.

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If fishing does nothing else, it allows you to get outdoors and it’s a good way to relax. Although, if you are looking for a little more action, you can try deep-sea fishing. Wrestling in a larger, livelier catch will certainly challenge you. Either way, you’ll be outside enjoying nature.

Shed Hunting

Shed hunting is the search for antlers that deer shed every year. This is a great activity for off season hunters for a few reasons. First, it gets you out into the great outdoors. Who could not use more of that? Second, it helps you to hone tracking and hunting skills off season. It is also a good time to scope out spots for next season’s hunting blinds. And, you can walk away with a trophy without ever firing a single shot.

Practice Shooting

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. That statement proves true for most skills including hunting. In the hunting off season, a little target practice will certainly go a long way. It will help keep your skills sharp, and you may just surprise yourself by improving your aim.

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Learn New Skills

You can never learn enough about hunting. For that reason, the hunting off season is a great time to learn skills that could come in handy when you are out in the field. Consider studying up on skills like foraging, building a fire, field dressing and anything else you can think of that may come in handy. It’s also a good time to keep up a fitness regime so that you will be in top shape to track your game.

Hunt Other Game

Depending on what game you usually hunt, there is usually something in season. In most states, hunting predatory animals such as coyotes is permitted year-round. You can practice your hunting off season, as well as help a neighboring farmer or rancher protect his livestock. Hogs are another animal that can usually be hunted year-round. In most states, hogs are not considered game and don’t require tags, nor are there usually any bag limits.

No matter what kind of hunting you prefer to do, you can always find some way to keep busy during the off season. Whether you practice your shooting, seek out new skills or try hunting different game than you usually do, there’s no reason to let your hunting skills get rusty in the off season.

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