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See Better, Shoot Better: Improve your Shooting with a Sight

Archers and bow hunters tend to have their own personal preferences when it comes to bow hunting manufacturers. Many hunters and archers also like to shoot with a bow sight, which is a device that helps them more accurately aim the arrow. If you’re looking to improve your success rate, try out these tips.

  • Plan Ahead. When you plan your hunting trip, make sure you have a general idea of the location and the game available in that area. Set a goal for the length of time you plan to spend hunting or the number of targets for the day.
  • Check Your Stance. Make sure your feet are not too far apart or too close together, the best distance is shoulder-width apart. Instead of standing, you may find that kneeling down with your bottom on your heels provides a solid, comfortable stance.
  • Use a Proper Grip. Many archers and bow hunters prefer thin grips because they provide less torque leading to increased accuracy. Keeping more grip on the handle often increases shot distance.
  • Find an Anchor Point. For increased accuracy, you must have an anchor point. Some find that a kisser button on the bowstring is the answer to their anchor needs but for others, it’s uncomfortable and draws focus away from the shot execution.
  • Shoot with a Bow Sight. When you’re lining up your targets, a bow sight can help you see better and increase your accuracy. Utilizing a bow sight can mean the difference between striking your game and going home empty handed.
  • Practice Your Release. Even the most experienced bow hunters agree that ongoing practice releasing the bow is critical to success. Index-finger release hunters need to practice getting their finger wrapped around the trigger and aim the bow towards the target while using a pull/push motion during the release.

Whether you’re a novice archer or a seasoned and accomplished hunter, choosing to practice and shoot with a bow sight can help you hit the target and improve your shooting. If you choose to shoot with a bow sight, a reputable company can guide you through the benefits and specifications of the different types on the market. They can explain the pros and cons of different pins so you can make a smart decision and improve your success during your next bow hunting expedition.

See Better on your Next Hunt

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