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Fan Mail Monday: Jeff’s Bowfishing Tournament

I had a good year bowhunting in ’97. Like most years I had both some good and bad luck. My year started in Missouri in May turkey hunting. The weather and the birds were not cooperating so I returned home empty handed. September came fast, along with whitetail hunting in Minnesota. During the season I killed 3 whitetail bucks. An …

COBRA Venom G3 C-697P

Tips for Sighting In your Bow

Modern bow sights are much more accurate out of the box than those your parents used, but they still need to be adjusted to fit your bow and shooting style. If you take the time to sight your bow the right way, you’ll see tremendous improvements in your accuracy, and better results when you hunt.

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Celebrities Who Bow Hunt

If your idea of a challenge is a long bow hunt deep in the forest, you’re not alone. Dozens of America’s highest profile celebrities proudly take up their bows to hunt for game of all kinds. The next time you’re sitting in your blind waiting for a good shot, imagine if one of these celebrities who hunt were your hunting partner:

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Improving your Bow Accuracy

In bow hunting, accuracy is king. It’s not just the difference between a hit and a miss, but between a clean kill shot and one that leaves the animal in agony. Improving your bow accuracy takes a lot of work, but when you invest the time, you’ll be rewarded with better, cleaner kills than ever before. This season, adopt some …

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Bow Hunting Safety

Bow hunting can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite dangerous. Just as there are some basic safety rules with firearms, there are basic safety rules and other general guidelines for bow hunting. Whether you’re brand new to archery or you’re a seasoned archer gearing up for the new season, it’s important to take a few …

How to Choose a 3D Target

It’s always a good idea to practice your target shooting before you head out on a bow hunting trip. Practicing with a target helps assist the hunter with marking the point they intend to hit in order to develop accuracy. It also offers a safe place for the arrow to land so that it remains intact. Whether you’re brand new to bow hunting or are thinking about …

Customer Highlight: Team Lei and Autism Speaks

Lei Beckley-Wagner is no ordinary 9-year-old boy. He loves fishing, archery and the great outdoors. He is passionate about helping others and making the world a better place. However, unlike his peers, Lei was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Autism and autism spectrum disorders are characterized by difficulties in social interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and sensory sensitivities. …