Bravo Release Jr. Loop Lock Muddy Girl

The Best Bow Hunting Products for Female Hunters

There is a common misconception that when it comes to bow hunting, it’s a man’s world. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that a healthy population of bow hunting enthusiasts are, in fact, women. A lady that knows what she wants and needs out of a good hunt is powerful. Better yet, finding the right hunting materials can make her more than powerful. With the right bow, a female bow hunter becomes a force to be reckoned with.

In celebrating the unshakable spirit of the huntress, here is a list of bow hunting products that are perfect for female hunters.

Cobra’s Bushwhacker Sight in Muddy Girl

Cobra’s Bushwhacker Sight is a tight, compact sight with a wide range of adjustments. Although it doesn’t weigh much, it packs a serious punch on the hunting ground. Available in different colors, including Muddy Girl camouflage, this sight will help female hunters take down their prey in style. This sight includes a white scope ring for quick target acquisition, and durable steel protected pins with extended lengths of super tough and bright fiber optics. It even has rheostat lighting capabilities to keep any target within focus during rain or less than ideal hunting conditions. This sight is sure to meet and exceed your expectations at a price you can afford, and is proudly made in the USA.

Cobra’s Bravo Jr. Release in Muddy Girl

The Bravo Jr. release aid is perfect for female archers with smaller hands, wrist size and finger lengths. It has a fully adjustable trigger, and a custom length padded strap with a loop lock fastener. Whether it’s your first venture into the hunting world or you’re a seasoned pro, the Bravo Jr. could be the perfect accessory. Coordinate this release in pink Muddy Girl Camo to complement your Bushwhacker Sight.

Vaportrail Pro-V Limbdriver Rest

The Pro-V Limbdriver arrow rest has completely changed the archery industry. This limb-driven rest comes with an adjustable spring tension, a full-capture option, and a free-floating launcher arm.  It shoots fast and furious. There’s a reason this won 2014’s Bowhunting World Reader’s Choice Gold Award. Check it out for yourself and see how this can improve the success of your hunt.

Bowtech Heartbreaker

The Bowtech Heartbreaker is known for its smooth delivery and quiet performance. Smooth and quiet – two important ingredients for a successful hunt! The bow sports a draw length of between 22.5 and 27 inches, so female hunters get a variety of range without having deal with a cumbersome bow. Perfectly sized for smaller hands, this bow is also perfect for lady archers on a budget. Affordable, functional and available in pink, this beauty packs a punch.

Bowtech Destroyer 350

The Bowtech Destroyer 350 is a bow for female archers that are less concerned with ladylike features and more focused on taking down a target. It possesses Bowtech’s trademark superior shooting ability, smoothness, and accuracy. The Destroyer 350 is a bow that’s all about business.

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