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Tips for Bowfishing Prep and Safety

For those who have been bowfishing, you know that it is an extremely addictive sport. If you’re an avid bow hunter, it’s a great way to keep your skills sharp during the off-season. It’s also a very active sport that makes you rely on your instincts and split second decisions to catch your prey. The visceral charge you get from bowfishing will keep you coming back for more. However, if you’re new to the sport, you should know a few things before you get started. Here are a few tips for bowfishing to help prepare you and keep you safe.

Safety First

Obviously, with any sport, especially those that involve weapons, there is an element of danger, which means there is a possibility of injury. For that reason, there are precautions you should take before you begin to keep everyone safe.

  • Check your equipment. Make sure it’s in good shape.
  • Pack a first aid kit and keep updated on the weather.
  • Because you will be on the water, make sure you or someone in the party is an experienced sailor.

Don’t Get Too Fancy

First, you don’t need any expensive equipment. Because it is very likely that you will break something, you should probably avoid the expensive stuff. Of course, you will want to use a bow that you are comfortable with and one that shoots straight, but beyond that, there are no rules or limits. You could use a second-hand bow if you like.

Keep It Simple

If you use a sight or a release aid, you may or may not need to use them. Bowfishing is a fast-paced sport that relies on instinct and quick reflexes rather than a careful setup. Any extra equipment can get in the way and slow you down. You want to keep things as simple, smooth and streamlined as possible.

Don’t Skimp on the Important Stuff

Yes, earlier in this very post it says not to get too complicated or bring any expensive equipment. But your reel is probably the most important part of your gear when you are bowfishing, because it is what attaches you to your catch. For that reason, it might be worth your while to go ahead and pay a little more for the better quality reel.

Wear Your Shades

You might think that sunglasses are just a matter of fashion but having a pair of shades is one of the best tips for bowfishing that we have to offer. When you are trying to see down into the water to get a visual on your game, you need a way to cut the glare on the water. Glare can seriously impair your ability to see the fish swimming under the water.

Location, Location, Location

In any type of hunting, you want to be where you’re most likely to find game. Another important tip for bowfishing is to consider the:

  • Body of water
  • Time of year
  • Amount of vegetation

Under most circumstances, you have your best shot at getting a fish in the spring where there is moderate vegetation.

If you are interested in trying bowfishing then these tips for bowfishing will help you get started. It’s a fast-paced sport that will help you learn to rely on your instincts and develop quicker reflexes. Ultimately, it can help improve your overall bow hunting skills.

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