Tips for Scent Free Hunting

Whether you are a novice hunter or a seasoned pro, you always want to have something to show when you return from a hunting trip. No matter what type of game you’re hunting, one thing is for sure: if the animals can smell you, you won’t come away with much. Location and camouflaging your appearance are two important factors of a successful hunt, but one of the most important things to consider when you go hunting is making sure your scent is completely covered up. Here are some simple and common tactics you can use to be scent free on your next bow hunting trip.


Before you go on your hunt, make sure you wash your hunting clothes before putting them on. Rinse out your washing machine with baking soda before doing any loads of wash. This will eliminate any leftover scents you may have from detergent or bodily smells. When you put your clothing in the dryer, don’t forget to avoid fabric softening sheets. You can even hang your clothes out to dry somewhere where the wind and air will dry them off naturally. Launder your clothing regularly to avoid any of your smell from accumulating.


You will also need to prepare in advance for taking a shower the morning of your hunt. Wash your towels and undergarments the same way that you washed your other clothing items. Showering won’t work if you dry yourself off with a towel that has been washed in scented detergent. If you complete this process ahead of time, store your items in a plastic bag away from the rest of your towels and clothing. Be sure to take a shower and not a bath. This prevents any leftover bacteria from remaining on your skin. Animals are able to smell this bacteria underneath your clothing, and from far away.

Using The Bathroom

If at all possible, you will want to use the restroom facilities before you head out for the day and before your shower. This will ensure there is no smell on you. Human waste is one of the most common things an animal can smell.

No Smoking

On the way to your hunting spot, and while you’re there, avoid smoking. Cigarette or cigar smoke is very pungent and can be smelled from far away. Not to mention that it can very quickly become absorbed into your clothing and it can be hard to get that smell out. If you are a smoker you will want to brush your teeth thoroughly before hunting, and possibly chew vanilla flavored gum or use chlorophyll tablets to help mask any smells coming from your breath.

It may seem like a lot of very specific details, but these tips can make all the difference when it comes to having a successful hunt. Keep in mind that we as humans do not live in the wilderness like these animals do. Their senses will tell them when something is around that should not be, even for something as simple as human breath.

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