Top 7 Turkey Broadheads

bow hunterA great argument among many bowhunting enthusiasts is, which broadhead is best to use for turkey hunting? Some prefer using the same broadhead they use for big-game hunting, simply because their bow is set perfectly for their liking. Others like turkey broadheads that offer a larger cutting diameter, which is designed to do more damage to the bird’s vital organs.

Choosing the broadhead that will enhance your turkey hunting experience should come down to which one is best at hitting the target perfectly and lessening their chance to escape. In the end, preference will be the lone deciding factor in your decision.

Here are the Top Seven Turkey Broadheads:

1. The Z-Force broadhead provides a large cutting diameter upon impact that usually disables the target. Having a large cutting diameter is best for inflicting damage on a turkey’s kill zone (head, lung, neck and spine), which is an extremely small target to hit successfully. This type of broadhead benefits bowhunters that regularly release the arrow off-center after each shooting attempt.

2. Reign Broadheads allow a bowhunter to hit a turkey high in the back, as this will injure the spine and immobilize the gobbler immediately after being struck. The blade does a great job of piercing the evasive breastbone and inflicting enough damage to maim the turkey. The versatility of the Reign Broadhead is desired by a lot of hunters because you can hit a target from any distance. Plus, the arrow rarely gets tangled up in the bird’s feathers and provides the most tissue damage of any broadhead on the market today.

3. A Carbon Express broadhead may lack a large cutting diameter, but makes up for it by having multiple blades align side-by-side on the base. This alignment provides little movement in-flight, which in turns assist with more accuracy in hitting a turkey directly and opening a wide wound. Instead of the traditional X-crosscut alignment, this tandem setup provides better penetration through a turkey’s tough wing feathers that often deflect arrows away.

4. Experienced bowhunters feel the G5 Outdoors broadheads are too good to be used for turkey hunting, as the cutting top and base are a single piece of stainless-steel that is seemingly unbreakable. It has three blades that are situated in a rear-deploy design, which allows each blade to work independently in-flight. This will create two holes upon entrance into the animal, as some bowhunters believe that is too big for turkeys.

5. The Flying Arrow Tom-Bomb is one of the few turkey broadheads that is designed to take the head of a gobbler off. This approach isn’t new, as you simply aim for above the neck on the target. The large cutting diameter increases the chances of a bowhunter hitting the bird perfectly because the blades are slightly curved for better bone-busting performance.

6. The Adder Sting broadhead is desired by most bowhunters because it’s very hard to lose in rough terrain. The blades don’t have a real edge, so they don’t fully exit a turkey upon impact. Some call this type of broadhead a stopper rather than a cutter, as your goal is to hit your target straight-on and stop them in their tracks with a perfect shot.

7. Bowhunters have come to love the Arrowdynamic Solutions Guillotine. It is one of the few turkey broadheads that comes with a set of replacement blades that can be resharpened over and over again. The base has four sharp stainless steel blades that come to a hardened point, which helps to save the meat off a turkey after being hit with a chest shot.

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