Top Turkey Blinds

Christmas dinner is just around the corner, which means only one thing: it’s time to hunt some turkey. However, before you break out the bow and charge into the field, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the proper hunting products on hand, including a turkey blind.

Turkey blinds help ensure that you can see the bird, but it can’t see you. If you’re bent on bagging a turkey or two, being seen is sure to ruin your plans. You’ll want to make sure that the turkey blind you pick is going to get the job done. Here are five top-notch turkey blinds that can keep you hidden long enough to snag a fresh turkey for your holiday feast. 

Primos Ground Max Predator Den Blind

When you want a bit of bite in your hunt, this blind pictured above might be the perfect choice for you. Weighing slightly less than 20 lbs., it’s easy to transport and set up. Brush holders lining the roof provide more options for concealment. With a height of 70 inches and a width of 75 inches, it’s roomy enough to stalk a turkey in relative comfort.

Primos Shack Attack

Wanting to turn a solo turkey hunt into a two-party endeavor? The Primos Shack Attack blind is great for hunting parties that need some room. This blind is known for its quick setup and simple accessibility. Spacious and easy to handle, this may be the way to go when you want to hunt with little hassle.

Invisi-Bull Two-Person Ground Blind

The Invisi-Bull Two-Person Ground Blind is just as roomy and rugged as it sounds. This lightweight turkey blind gives its occupants a wide shooting angle of 180 degrees to work with.

Ameristep Bone Collector Man Cave

Are you looking for a blind with a larger height? The Ameristep Bone Collector Man Cave is the largest blind in the market. This blind has floor space of 72″x72″, 84 inches of vertical standing room, and a shooting width of 88 inches. With a sight scope of 270 degrees, you’ll be able to spot a turkey from almost anywhere in the blind.

GhostBlind Hunting Blind

Saving what is arguably the best turkey blind for last, the GhostBlind mirrored blind is one of the best around. This piece of hunting gear could create a mean optical illusion on a sharp-sighted person. Just imagine how effective it is on turkeys! While there are different models to choose from, depending on your hunting needs and preferences, most blinds only weigh about 12 pounds. You can pack it up and literally disappear into the terrain.

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