Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Hunter In Your Life

MRA-Hunting-2013-013-IMG_0627Would the bow hunter in your life rather spend today hunting small game and preparing for their bigger hunts later in the year? You can say “I love you” with something they will really enjoy this Valentine’s Day. While a new bow may rank high on their list, there are several other must-have bow accessories that will make their hunting experiences the best they can be. From new sights to the perfect release, there is a gift for hunters of all ages and skill levels on our Valentine’s Day wish list.

  1. Bantam II Sight. Give your hunter the gift of a perfect shot with Bantam’s lightweight design and easy to use Glo-Orange ring. This is the perfect item for a new hunter or archer. Don’t want to settle for the basics? Opt for the stunning Buckhead Elite Target which not only includes an adjustable extension; the Elite Target is a hybrid sight perfect for both hunting, and target shooting in the off-season.
  2. Serengeti Release. With its classic, rugged design, the Serengeti release is for the avid hunter. Simple design meets performance with lightning-fast hook ups. Perfect for stalk hunting, its innovative features allows looping without ever losing sight of your target. Made in America, the quality leather construction will allow this release to stand up to the most extreme environments.
  3. Plano Molded Bow Case. Bows need protection from the elements and transportation. There is no case better suited to protecting your hunter’s bow than a hard-side molded case. Adjustable for any bow type with convenient storage for all their accessories, quiver and arrows. Sturdy enough to withstand shipping and airports, this waterproof case is ideal for the hunter on the go.
  4. Safari Release. Hunters can be particular about their releases. If your hunter prefers a rounded caliper design, this product is for them. With a host of features such as adjustable trigger sensitivity, and a contoured jaw with an increased radius that increases draw length. This is the perfect gift for any archer striving for consistent accuracy.

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, so make this year stand out with great accessories for your hunter. No matter if it’s a release, a case, or a new sight, every hunter will be thrilled to receive a gift they will use for years to come.

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