First Aid Kit

What to Put in your Hunting Pack

Every hunter knows the feeling of waiting and anticipation. In those moments before you spot the deer or turkey or whatever game you’re going after, there is a sense of peacefulness. Don’t ruin that peace by worrying if you have the right products or supplies. Make sure you know what to put in your hunting pack and those moments will be even sweeter.

First Aid Supplies

No one likes to think that they may get hurt while on a hunting trip, but it can happen and you should be prepared. A first aid kit is at the top of the list of what to put in your hunting pack, and should have:

  • Bandages
  • Antibacterial spray
  • Pain relievers
  • Tweezers

Food and Water

Pack both food and water accordingly. For a day trip you may just need a gallon of water. Enjoy a good meal before the trip to lessen the amount of food you’ll need to take. Trail mixes, jerky and other lightweight foods are great items to carry for a day hunt.

Map and Compass

You should always be familiar with the area you are hunting, but it’s still a good idea to carry a map and compass. A map can tell you where property lines are and major landmarks in case you want to explore a bit more.

Rain Gear

Don’t let unexpected rain ruin your day out in the wilderness. Keep a lightweight tarp or poncho rolled up in your pack for longer hunting trips. You can either cover yourself or build a makeshift shelter if you get caught in a a sudden downpour.

Fire Starter

A lighter, matches or even just flint and steel should always be in your pack. You never know when you may need a fire to warm up, dry off or cook a meal. Be sure to carry a small amount of kindling with you to make starting a fire easier. This could be pieces of fluff carrying in a mint tin or chips off a fire log.


One of the most lightweight and space conserving ropes you can find is paracord. This type of rope is very thin, but it can hold a lot of weight. From securing shelter to makeshift belts, rope is a must have for any hunting trip.

Planning and preparing for any hunting trip is key to having an enjoyable trip. Being prepared and knowing what to put in your hunting pack ahead a time will help you get settled and tracking down your game fast.

Preparation is Key

You can never be too prepared for a hunting trip. Click here to get more Hunting Safety Tips.