Precision machined centered release jaws. Release head rotates 360-degrees to eliminate bow string tourque. Padded strap with loop lock fastener. Bravo is available in Realtree Xtra®, Muddy Girl® Camo and Black. Bravo Jr. is available in Grape, Blueberry, Carrot and Broccoli. Bravo E-Z Adjust is available in black.



Fully Adjustable Trigger! “Thin Tip” Calipers!

These are great releases for the beginning bow hunter or the archer on a budget. The dual caliper jas provide a consistent release for a more accurate shote every time. With a 360 degree rotating head, this release is perfect for right or left hand archers. It has a fully adjustable, forward mounted trigger. The padded wrist strap will provide all day comfort allowing you to concentrate on the hunt and not your release.

Hose assembly Bravo releases include model C-4770 and will reduce release torque making you a more accurate and consistent archer. These products can also be found in junior sizes as well.

All-adjust Bravo releases include models C-5990, C-6210, and C-621MGP. The all adjust allows for infinite length adjustment, providing the perfect fit for finger to trigger placement which is critical to be a consistent and accurate archer.

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